A warm welcome to the Stoacherhof!

Feel good & relax.

The nature that surrounds our farm also characterizes our apartments.

Cosiness is created with high-quality materials, soft colors and soft fabrics. In addition, the Stoacherhof offers an impressive view of the Wipptal mountains, forests and colorful meadows.

We are looking forward to your visit!
Wolfgang and Julia Strickner

The Stoacherhof

The Stoacherhof has been around for a long time.

The Mühlbachler parish chronicle already refers to the Stoacherhof in the 18th century. As with most farms in this period, agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry formed the basis for survival. When my grandfather took over the farm from his father, he faced a number of challenges.

The courtyard was outdated and the "Mützner" motorway bridge of the A13 Brenner motorway was built directly above the old courtyard. That's why my grandfather decided to build a new farm in a nearby field.

​Since tourism was on the rise, the new farm was designed in such a way that the rental of holiday apartments formed a new line of business. In addition, the dairy industry moved more and more to the fore.

When I took over the farm from my grandfather in 2012, I was faced with the decision in which direction I wanted to steer the Stoacherhof. ​New times always bring new opportunities and so I wanted to make the best possible out of the Stoacherhof.

One decision I made was to switch from keeping cattle to keeping horses. Chance played a role here, but that's another story...

Another decision was that I started beekeeping because of my fascination with bees. I now had space and premises available, so nothing stood in the way of my new hobby.

What fascinates me most about the bee is that it takes from nature without destroying it. It even goes one step further and helps keep the ecosystem running.

Some people and companies could learn a lesson from that...